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Gold Coast Private Hospital

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The $230 million Gold Coast Private Hospital is a world-class facility that will lift the standard of healthcare on the Gold Coast. Once again they do things a little differently to most hospitals in that they believe in treating the people that get created as guests and not patients. They treat their hospital like a hotel and the food, service and technology is amazing.
They wanted to highlight these facts and again saw the value in video.

We filmed some testimonials of some of the mothers that have had their babies at the hospital and these videos got thousands of views on facebook. As did a video we filmed with the head chef and his mission for the food at the hospital.
We have also filmed staff interviews so the general public can see the faces behind the institution. And we have filmed Tips with a physio and a dietician where they are telling the general public about how to move better and eat better. We have filmed surgeons in surgery using robot technology on patients.

We have filmed a ton of content for these guys and every time they post on Facebook, they get thousands of views. Check it out and see at @goldcoastprivatehospital

Chris Parsons